Look at all the goodies I’ve got! To celebrate my 666th follower (which has recently hawkwardly increased), I’m going to be giving away some things. I’ve chosen the things that I believe best represent my blog (sort of). 

Of course, this might not be all the winner gets! Might be some money or some crafts hidden inside your package. Maybe I’ll ship Tom Hiddleston (aka myself) to your house. 

Here’s some things you will get, however:

    1. Marvel Messenger Bag: fits a binder, some snacks, utilities, water bottles, etcetc. The zipper in the back is a bit weird, but the rest is pristine.
    2. Comic Heroes Magazine: The Avengers. HUGE pack of stuff inside. Includes:
           -Sidekick preview comic
           -Judge Dredd keyring
           -Spreads of women in comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, HP Lovecraft, and Spiderman.
    3. Quinjet 4GB USB drive. Comes with:
           -Iron Man
           -Iron Man 2
           -Captain America
           -Cam-quality Avengers.
      (*This one depends on what I can fit into 4GB.*) 
    4. My half-exploded copy of Wreck This Journal. For you to finish.
    5. Neon pink or neon green 3D void lenses. I will draw graphics upon request on this.
    6. The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes. A huge anthology of the canon plus the original Strand illustrations. 636 pg.
    7. Avengers folder. Three-hole, two-pocket.
    8. Some bad fic. I mean it.

You know you want this! Ehehe. However, some rules apply. Or rather, guidelines:

  1. You must be following me. I’m doing this because this is a giveaway to celebrate my followers, and the point is sort of defeated if you’re not.
  2. You can reblog any number of times. Plus likes.
  3. I’ll be using a random number generator.
  4. I’ll ship everywhere, from Asgard to Midgard to beyond.
  5. Last entries will be counted 12AM EST on Thorsday, July 12, 2012.
  6. *SPECIAL:* When I count entries, I’ll be pasting it into Microsoft Word. If the winner is on an even page and is an even-numbered entry, I’ll be adding something extra. x Maybe some pins or a shirt.

EditI bought the messenger bag on the street from an independent store vendor dude. It is not sold online; I have tried and checked. Sorry!

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